Why should you care about design?

Rivalry is eliminated by creativity. Media design helps firms stand out on shelves, tell their stories online, show how their goods solve issues, and build distinctive brand logos and websites.

According to a study, poorly designed websites are seldom read, trusted, or visited for an extended period of time. According to the survey, in situations where participants did not like any feature of the design, the site was typically not examined beyond the homepage and was not deemed acceptable for revisiting at a later period. It adds that “poor interface design was notably connected with swift rejection and distrust of a website.”

Even if your content is outstanding, 94 percent of the reasons research participants rejected a site were due to its design, whereas only 6 percent were due to its content. We understand that the longer we can keep someone on your website, the more likely they will convert or return. Good graphic design equals sales if your marketing is effective. The Design Council assessed 63 portfolios of FTSE-listed companies over a ten-year period (Financial Times Stock Exchange).

Customers put their faith in brands when they buy from them. Because no one is likely to read your mission statement, there is no other method for them to learn about your brand values. This is not to say that your brand values aren’t vital; they are, but you must find new ways to express them to your target audience.

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