Tiktok Design Trends

Media Design

The artistic methods utilized by tiktok now are quite different from those of the past. They are often used to convey various types of moods and emotions. The paintings show a frantic, contemporary setting. The use of color and form expresses the painters’ emotions. 


Dripping is the primary media used by artists on Tiktok. This method, which includes painting a canvas in various directions and then splattering the paint, uses dripping paint. On the canvas, there is a splatter of water. The dripping effect may be created by painting with long-handled brushes that can stretch far out from the canvas. The artist must constantly take his brush off the canvas and put it back there before beginning to paint using the drip method. 


A graphic designer may produce graphics that resemble photography using just pixels. This kind of art constructs pictures out of tiny blocks of color. As a result, the picture has a vintage vibe about it that reminds people of early computer graphics. 

Psychedelic art

In psychedelic art, backgrounds with bizarre patterns and vivid colors are typical. Many musicians utilize it in addition to TikTok and other social networking sites. 

Glitch Art

Glitch art is all about making digital objects seem to be broken or to be acting strangely. Images may be given an abstract sense or just made to seem dated and outdated with this method. 

Since the app’s launch in April 2019, there have been over 500 million active users. It has gained popularity recently among youths and young people who use it to showcase their talents and creative abilities.